Katie J's where it is alwaysHappy Hour for teachers!

About Us

The husband grew up in Renton, the wife lived here a long, long time. The kids grew up and what's left to do after 25 years of marriage? Buy a local bar of course! Thats how we ended up keeping our day jobs and working at the bar too.

Our manager is our oldest daughter. She is the "J" in Katie J's. While she runs things during the day the husband goes to work and the wife goes to her first grade classroom. There is one more of us, Katie, but she is off at school.

Growing and Changing

Katie J's is a new name for an establishment that has been a bar for a long, long time. We are working hard to clean up, fix up, and improve this long running neighborhood bar and grill.

We have great service with 3 of the best and cutest bartenders in Renton! Come meet Shayla, Terra and Stori.